Into the Woods ... for a Wedding / by Armen Atoyan

fairy wedding

I took a trip up to northern California for a wedding in the woods and it was such an amazing experience. Justin & Stephanie finally get married... Two people who met online and it totally worked out. It was an experience I'll never forget, for a few reasons. 

Firstly, I remember first meeting Stephanie while at Buzznet with her then ombré green hair and almost instantly hit it off, creating a DIY show and becoming friends only to fast forward to her meeting Justin. He was so cool and the two of them reminded me of how two people can sometimes just "work" so perfectly. 

Secondly, I'll never forget this trip because it was spent with so many amazing friends. Roadtripping it up with Kelly (pink hair), Dre (green hair), Raquel (red/orange hair) and the cutest pink male pomeranian ever, Toshi. 

I've been on road trips before, but this one was long... But worth it.

Once we got there we met up with more cool friends, yes all with colorful hair, and watched movies, hung out, and of course caught up on life. All fun and games until day two.

Cue allergies

Sitting with Dre and her grandma, just chilling, eating lunch, it strikes. My eyes water, turn red, and my nose runs like its track and field at the Summer Olympics. What's happening? Am I dying? No, I'm fine, everything is fine... Luckily I got hooked up with some great meds, but a new running joke was found. Armen is allergic to nature. My body literally rejected it and I quote, "Honey we gotta get you back to the city." #WorthIt