Heavy Metal Heart

Heavy Metal Heart


The Hollywood Bowl is iconic, and when you're invited to see a legend at this legendary venue you always say yes. One word, BLONDIE!

But not only Blondie... GARBAGE! 

 & my favorite hot mess SKY FERREIRA!

Now for a funny story. When my buddies invited me to this it was on a whim, I'm sure the thought process went something like this, "He likes rock, I'm sure he likes Blondie... Garbage maybe. And whoever this Sky is." Little did they know I freaked out and said YESSS when Garbage was mentioned. In my eyes, she's cooler than Blondie, sorry not sorry.

This is where I note that Sky's name never came up. Not once! It wasn't until the day before the show when Sky posted an instagram photo of the bowl saying "See you tomorrow" that I realized she was the opener. *Cue the fan girl*

I immediately called my buddy and was like "How could you burry the lead!?"

Response: What lead? For the Bowl?

Me: Yes! I LOVE Sky Ferreira, but I've never seen her because I've heard she's such a mess and I don't want to waste money on her messy solo shows. Ahhh!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!

Fast forward to Sky's 26 minute performance, yes 26 minutes on the dot. She was the perfect hot mess I was hoping for. What a night, what a dream, what a Sky!

That's all, just wanted to share this 2007 moment with you all. Now this didn't happen in 07, that's just when I started following Sky and her amazing voice. Yes, I stand by her talent even though she's a mess.

Oh, Blondie and Garbage were amazing too.

Until next time remember, when you bleach your hair under the night sky don't forget to take out the trash. ✌🏻 

VidCon... Deal with it.

VidCon... Deal with it.

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