Glaze Fire, Paint & Wine / by Armen Atoyan


There is something magical about stepping into a ceramic paint shop. Maybe it's that nostalgic glaze paint smell of being a kid in ceramics class or maybe it's just the subtle dust aroma.

Cue allergies!

Either way, when my friends asked me to join them at this trendy, very hipster, paint shop Glaze Fire I was so down. A little-known fact inside of my inner circle is that I love Color Me Mine and I've been itching to go.  

We decided that we would all bring something to share.

All three of us brought wine.

It was time to pop a bottle and make a decision. Inner thought, "OMG WHAT THE F*@# WILL I PAINT?" 

Looking around at the amazing wall of choices, I mean seriously, look at this whimsical Alice In Wonderland(ish) display! Every nook and cranny had some random thing, I wanted it all. Then after about 15 minutes, not even exaggerating, I chose something practical. Well almost...

I chose an egg carton! 


Update: The egg carton now holds my pins and bracelets. That's what it's for right?