Childish Gambino / Palm Springs / by Hey Armen

Tis the season to bake in the sun, so Palm Springs here I come. Or came. This already happened. So let's start from the begining.  Tuesday, I get a text about some "cool thing" that's happening at Joshua Tree on Friday night. "I have two tickets, we should go." The idea of a random night is right up my alley, especially after a trying few weeks. So I jump at the idea. Fast forward, Friday 3pm. Work ends and I'm in my car, Starbucks in hand. Google is estimating my two hour drive as a three and a half hour drive, kill me. *truns on spotify* 🎼

Finally in Palm Springs, it's 6:30pm, I know... Die. Some things are worth it, this is one of them, and a little alone time never killed anyone. Or that's at least what I told myself. πŸ’…πŸΌ I get to the house, we get dinner, and plan our Uber to Joshua Tree. The show had two times, 9pm and 12am. Obviously the 12am was the one we decided, because we're totally normal... Fast forward, let's cut to the chase. The show ended up being Childish Gambino's album release festival. Talk about amazing! 

This turned out to be the coolest show I may have ever been to, and I've been to a lot of shows. The whole experience was like being inside a VR world. Except it was real, no headset, no nonsense, just sold music with beyond stunning viduals that surround you. Being in a dome made this all possible and standing in the center was the best view in the house. We tested it. Unfotunatly, you had to put your phone in a black lock bag during the performance, so I don't have pictures to share. Just memories. 🌟

The rest of the Palm Springs adventure involved shopping, eating, pool, and of course friends. 🌴🌴🌴 Luckely my SPF worked, no tan for me. More photos below. πŸ“Έ