Glossier in Pink / by Hey Armen


I'm really into pink right now. Which isn't helping my Glossier addiction. This is a brand I trust because the creator is Emily Weiss, the creator of Into The Gloss. Casual. So she kind of knows what's good and what's not, and her face is proof of that. Outside of that, all the products smell amazing. The soothing face mist is probably the best rose scent I've ever smelt in a product. ðŸŒ¹

I'm also loving the fact that every order comes in a well-designed box, with a pink bubble bag, and a pack of stickers. It sounds silly I know, but those reusable bags have come in handy for miscellaneous things around the bathroom. Especially when I'm on the go.


Of all the products, yes I've tried 80% of them, Balm DotcomandPriming Moisturizer are my favorite. Why? Balm Dotcom is simply the best lip moisturizer I have ever used and the Priming moisturizer is light but effective, and kind of acts like photoshop for my face, smoothing out all the pores. However, not everything in Glossier land is perfect. Milky Jelly was a bust. 😩

Well okay, fine. There really wasn't anything technically wrong with it, but in my opinion, it didn't smell like anything, didn't make me feel clean and fresh, and didn't foam up at all. I like my face wash to foam up, so that alone was a deal breaker for me. But don't worry I didn't throw it away, I gave it to a friend that LOVED it. To each their own I guess. Well, even though Milky Jelly and I didn't get along, Glossier has some amazing products that I will continue going back for.

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Lastly, if you can only start with one product, I'd recommend one of the masks. They are amazing and will last you much longer than products you'd use every day. ðŸ’‹