10 Times Marie Antoinette Understood the Weekend Struggle

10 Times Marie Antoinette Understood the Weekend Struggle


Say what you will about the Marie Antoinette movie but the truth of the matter is it's beautiful and has a great soundtrack. However, while rewatching it recently I realized something... The struggle is real for her and I can relate on so many twenty-something millennial weekend struggles. Just look.


1. When you're waiting to use the bathroom at the club, but the bathroom bouncers are making you hold it.


2. When you flake on your friends because you feel like a "me" day and you literally have no shits to give.

3. The struggle of 4:45 pm on a Friday, watching the work clock like...

4. When you decided to be fancy and go to brunch, bottomless mimosas, and dine on the patio.

5. When you see a friend, wasted, hooking up with their ex at the club. We see. We judge. "Didn't we just take about this?"

6. Most... All, Tinder dates. "So... Yeah... I think my house is on fire, I have to go."

7. Because apparently, we're still in high school and people are haters.

8. When your best/good friends bring in someone they've "Know forever" but you've never heard or seen them before.

9. Anytime they do last call, but still wanna party.

10. Stumbling out of the party, a little tipsy. A lot tipsy. Shouting "THE UBER'S HERE!" It's not here. No one's ordered one yet. But we think we did.

Oh Marie, you may have been a hot mess but we love you anyway.

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