Roses are Basic / by Hey Armen


Valentines day is a special day, full of hearts, kissing, candy... Yeah, excuse me as I choke on my tea. *pinkie up*

Roses are basic, violets are too. Valentines day is here. I'm alone. Are you?

Let's be real here, this holiday is one of the dumbest, it not THE dumbest. It just reminds us single people that we are still likely to die alone, and for those in a relationship, it's dinners you don't have time for and overpriced flowers that are going to die. Also, if you're in a relationship shouldn't you always love each other? Just a thought. Anyway, I think Lana Del Rey said it best;


So whether you're single or taken, I wish you a happy Valentines Day. Just remember Roses are basic AF, and don't get me started on Babys Breath. Trust me when I say, go with Peonies. #YoureWelcome

Good luck and may the odds be forever in your favor. 💘