Little Black Jacket / by Hey Armen


Like the little black dress we men have our version, the little black jacket. Doesn't matter what your personal style is, there is no denying the effortless cool of a black moto jacket.

The leather jacket can instantly transform a possibly "I've been wearing this for two days or so" look into a "Wow, you look great!" moment. The jacket is something you should invest in, at least once. A good leather will only get better with age and if you choose something non-trendy, it will literally last you forever.

"A good leather jacket will last you forever."

Currently, I'm obsessed with the Grease look! A simple white tee, black jeans, with white vans, wrapped up in a perfectly fitted moto (biker) jacket. Not only is it beyond comfortable, I mean come on, I'm in a tee shirt and jeans, but this outfit always makes heads turn.

So try it. Grab your little black jacket, a white tee, and find some lightning!