Lusciously Lush / by Hey Armen

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Lush is one of those stores you walk into and instantly want everything. From the lotions to the face masks, you'll want it all. Not to mention the way the store smells, it's like a bath bomb literally exploded, and yes they have amazing bath bombs. I'm not even a bath person and I find myself purchasing them constantly. Like a fly attracted to the light, I see pretty colors with great scents and get caught in the trap. I guess there's worse traps to get caught in... Here's what I got!

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Now, let's talk Dream Cream! I love lotion, but only when it works and doesn't leave me feeling slimy. That's never fun and happens all to often. Then came along a little black bottle with "Dream Cream" written on it... I was hooked. A little goes a long way and it lasts forever. Perfectly moisturizing and super calming, it has lavender and rose without the strong scent. In fact it hardly smells floral, I would consider it a unisex scent.

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Don't sweat the small stuff. From left to right: Lip Service Lip Balm, Lullaby Shampoo Bar, Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

So, my lips have not been dealing with the summer weather very well and it seems to be a running issue with others as well. With my other lip balms not pulling through, I decided to give this "super-softener" a try. It contains olive oil, cocoa shea butters, and tangerine oil which all seem promising. I'll keep you updated on this product. Lush also claims it's also great for cuticles and elbows, which I'm sure it is, however I have my own secret weapon which you can see here: Mid-Day Lifesavers.

Lush's signature shampoo bar was the real reason I walked into the store. I knew I would buy one, I just didn't know which one. Eventually, me and the Lush girl came to the conclusion that I needed Lullaby. Why? Well, Lullaby is specifically for calming an angry scalp with lavender, and oh is my scalp angry. The coolest part about these bars, are that each one is the equivalent of two to three bottles of liquid shampoo. So not only are you saving money, you're also saving a lot of plastic.

How could I not get a bath bomb? I love this little Cyberman who, yeah is designed for kids which is why it's a smaller bath bomb then others, but he's so adorable! Even though I'm not one for baths, I love placing bombs around the house. With scents of lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood this little guy will make a room smell clean and fresh for months.

So that's the damage. What's your favorite products from Lush?