Baxter of California / by Hey Armen


Baxter of California has quickly become one of my favorite product brands. They have everything from pomade to shaving gear, and everything between. Don't be alarmed by the amazing prices, Baxter uses simple ingredients that are packed with a punch and soft on the skin. It is refreshing to see a product line, made for men, with quality in mind, and properly priced. Among all their amazing products these are the four I can't live without.

1. Facial Scrub $17.00, 2. Daily Face Wash $17.00, 3. Shave Tonic $15.00, 4. After Shave Balm $18.00

The facial scrub is my travel wash. It's great on the go because it's more compact then the face wash and the "scrub" allows me to go without my Clarisonic, which is bulky when traveling. When not on the go, the daily face wash is literally my daily face wash. I have normal to dry skin and I fell like this is the first wash to keep me break-out free while not stripping my skin dry. After shave wise, the tonic is not only a perfect mint green color, but also refreshing on the skin and allows you to use your own moisturizer after. Where as the shave balm is a little more hard core and moisturizing after won't be necessary.

Facial Scrub Tip: It's also a great pre-shave exfoliator

Also, if you're in Los Angeles or the surrounding area, I highly suggest checking out the flagship shop Baxter Finley Barber and Shop in West Hollywood. They can give you a, what I assume, amazing shave, and also cut your hair to perfection. I myself go elsewhere, but will eventually stop in for a cut and shave. Regardless, I can be frequently spotted at the shop because I love and use these products a lot, so restocking is always needed. I also love the Baxter Finley shop because the staff there is incredibly nice, helpful, and always willing to give samples, and I love samples. Samples are the best way to discover new products without the guilt of spending money on trial and error. I hope you find Baxter of California your new favorite, and remember to take care of your skin.