Comic-Con Pt.3 / by Hey Armen


Comic-Con is one of the most epic times of year. Not only because it's a geeks paradise, but also because of how much there is to see during the event. I always describe Comic-Con like going to Disney World, you can stay the week and still not see all of it. This could not be a truer statement for SDCC. This year I was fortunate to run into all my amazing friends, seriously, I couldn't walk a block without running into someone I knew. That's when you know your nerd pool is growing, but also became the highlight of the con. "Who would I run into next?" That became the running joke within the group as well as a game I began to play with myself. Tuesday was the only day I actually went into the convention, there is so much to do outside, and it was amazing. An early birthday present from Michael Varrati, who had a panel at Comic-Con. Birthday? What! Yes, this year Comic-Con fell on the most special day of the year, just kidding, my birthday July eighth. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures from the epicness that is SDCC, but I do have ten minutes of video. Bellow.

IMG_0464 IMG_0479 IMG_0482 IMG_0486 IMG_0493 IMG_0499 IMG_0508 IMG_0518 IMG_0540 IMG_0580

Comic-Con never fails to be amazing, and I can not wait until next year. Have you ever been to Comic-Con? If so, what was your experience like?