Comic-Con Pt.1

Comic-Con Pt.1


Today marked the first day of San Diego Comic-Con, aka SDCC. Now if you are planning a trip down to San Diego for Comic-Con and freaking out because you thought it started tomorrow, don't worry, today isn't officially the first day. Today is simply the first day I arrived. Consider it, "the calm before the storm". With empty streets and room to walk around, it's a pretty easy day in downtown San Diego. So with all this open reign I decided to do something I never get to do, explore. The first place we went to was the room, obviously. I may have brought three luggage's, but that's neither here nor there. After an hour or so of unpacking we all decided to go downtown and walk around while getting something to eat and, hopefully, drink.

Stop One: Pannikin Coffee & Tea

This was actually a stop on the way from Los Angeles to Comic-Con. I ate here last year but wouldn't remembered where or what it was called if you gave me $100. Yet, here I am. I took a random stop off the freeway to use the restroom and low and behold, I end up at the cafe I've been dreaming of for a year. This place is seriously all about the coffee! I waited in line to order iced coffee and a gluten free raspberry muffin, I know, only to use the restroom right after, which required me to go down stairs. Before I even got all the way downstairs I saw a roasting machine, yes a roasting machine! It was roasting raw organic coffee beans to perfection. My heart melted in that exact moment. I love coffee, and any coffee snob would understand my feels in that moment. So obviously, I SnapChatted it... Follow me "armendorian". Anyway, back to the story. Bottom line, this little shop is a must stop. Be sure to check out the amazing cafe that is Pannikin Coffee & Tea.

Stop Two: It Sugar

Here is a place that takes me back to when I was a kid hanging out at the candy store in Arrowhead. Basically It's as simple as it comes, DIY candy. However, what made It Sugar stand out from the crows was the incredibly kind man behind the counter who gave us a few pointers in buying candy. Really he made a $25 bill go to a $10 bill! That's a winner in my book. It's a must see, they have everything you can imagine and more. Plus, who doesn't love a candy bar?

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Stop Three: Funky Garcia's

This little place had happy hour. Lord knows, I'm a sucker for a happy hour. Can we talk about $1.50 tacos! Yes, I will stop here and enjoy amazingly authentic tacos fresh from the kitchen. Funky Garcia's was absolutely the way to go, free chips and salsa with four tacos later, I was so full and satisfied. Bill: $6

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Stop Four: Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop

Ice cream, chocolate. Chocolate, ice cream. You get the idea. When you first walk into the shop you are greeted by an adorable Ghirardelli girl who hands you a free mini Ghirardelli chocolate. To which I say, "Yes please!" Then you look at the menu, oh my, everything looks amazing. However, you must remember everything here is super-sized, and the elevated man never eats a super-sized meal. Therefore you have two options, share an amazingly delicious Sunday, or get a single scoop ice cream cone. I took the single scoop road. So what did I get? Well, a waffle cone which was dipped in dark Ghirardelli chocolate. Filled with coffee ship ice cream and rainbow sprinkles. Now I will say, I payed extra for the sprinkles, but nothing makes this elevated man happier then rainbow sprinkles. As a child I would put them on everything and even eat them with a spoon, so needless to say, they hold a special place in my heart. I also may have taken the spoon with me to-go, even though it wads metal and not for leaving the property. I just eat very slow.

Eating Tip: Eat slow as possible. The slower you eat the fuller you will get.

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That completes Comic-Con day one. The day that consisted mostly of checking in, and eating. Also, happy birthday to me!

Comic-Con Pt. 2

Comic-Con Pt. 2