snapchat / by Hey Armen

Snapchat has quickly taken over social media. With a few fun filters along with geotagging  specialty filters you can creat really cool moments to share with friends over a 10 second period. Although ten seconds doesn't sound like a lot, it really is! You can share with individual people or show everyone who follows you by saving the moment to your "story". The story allows you to send as many moments as you want, the difference between the story and a single moment is this. A moment can only last up to ten seconds long and only goes to an individual person, then it's gone forever. A story lasts 24 hours and can be viewed by any follower and as many times as one desires. The sort feature is basically disposable daily vlogging.  If you haven't checked out Snapchat yet, you are missing out. So go download it on your smartphone and of course don't forget to follow me @armendorian. Or just open snapchat and take a picture of the ghost bellow. ;)

Happy snapping!