Happy Ash Wednesday / by Hey Armen


Let me start by saying, I'm not Catholic.

However I can appreciate lent and the other things Ash Wednesday is about... like creating a day it's acceptable to show up to church in full cosplay. There are so many options, but the two most obvious are Wednesday Addams, and Ash Ketchum.

So here's a few little GIF's to brighten up your Ash Wednesday.

1. Time to go up and get ash on your face... But I got ready today :( IMG_6974

2. That feeling after the priest puts ash on your forehead. IMG_6976

3. When someone tells you they gave up something super easy for lent. tumblr_mgscxz3bo51r3ifxzo1_500

4. Realizing you didn't know most of what this holiday was about. IMG_6975

5. Questioning everything... IMG_6977

You made it through today, congrats. Now just remember, even though its cool to cospaly at church today, it's still rude to play Pokemon on your 3Ds in church.