Comic-Con 2013 Adventure / by Hey Armen


SDCC_Armen_AtoyanThis year I finally made a dream a reality. Yes, that's right I WENT TO COMIC-CON! There was SO MUCH happening all over downtown San Diego it was insane. You couldn't move an inch without seeing a super hero or someone dressed up in some costume I didn't recognized. I know I'm nerdy but I'm not THAT nerdy. Haha.


I tried to take as many pictures as I could of everything going on. Thank goodness for real cameras, or my phone would have died in a flash!

SDCC2013_IMG_0018SDCC_Armen_AtoyanSDCC2013_IMG_0021SDCC_photo 1SDCC2013_IMG_0027 SDCC2013_IMG_0030 SDCC_TruebloodSDCC_Armen_AtoyanSDCC2013_IMG_0031 SDCC2013_IMG_0033 SDCC2013_IMG_0034 SDCC_Armen_AtoyanSDCC2013_IMG_0035 SDCC_IMG_0037 SDCC_IMG_0039 SDCC_IMG_0040 SDCC_IMG_0042SDCC_Armen_Atoyan SDCC_IMG_0047 SDCC_IMG_0048 SDCC_IMG_0049 SDCC_IMG_0050 SDCC_IMG_0051SDCC_Armen_Atoyan SDCC_IMG_0052 SDCC_IMG_0058 SDCC_IMG_0068 SDCC_IMG_0072 SDCC_IMG_0083 SDCC_IMG_0085 SDCC_IMG_0091 SDCC_IMG_0110 SDCC_IMG_0111SDCC_Armen_Atoyan SDCC_IMG_0114 SDCC_IMG_0116

I can't wait until next year!