CandyCorn Oreo's / by Hey Armen


Look what I found...

First for a little back story on these special Oreo's. They are limited edition for Halloween, but launched in September, and exclusive to Target. According to the internet they are also SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE! Impossible to find they are being sold for $40 a box on ebay and Amazon. INSANE! These little guys are the latest food culture obsession.

So, with a few of my friends going from Target to Target trying to find them, along with random strangers online, I took that as a personal challenge to find them first. Did I mention I really dislike candy corn...

Finally I found them at a local Target for $2.99, a far cry from $40! Biting into one I had no real expectations as I'm not a candy corn fan, but the taste was exactly candy corn! Overly sweet, chocky, and an aftertaste of wax... Not my idea of an awesome Oreo. Needless to say I was content with one, which is strange considering Oreo's are my vice and I am known for eating an entire box in one sitting.

Wow am I still talking about Oreo's right now... This is a little embarrassing, LOL.