True Blood Season Five Recap and Review / by Hey Armen


Season five of True Blood starting off really well as they introduced a few new characters and their interesting plot lines but as the episodes progressed the plot started getting a little too confusing for the viewer to understand. Episode four especially stands out in my mind in that the episode seemed to drag on with flashbacks and other interjected segments that seemed rather disjointed and almost pointless to the story line. However, being a huge True Blood fan myself, I knew that if I just held on, all of my questions would be answered. Perhaps that's why True Blood throws in all of those odd plot twists. It's actually pretty clever now that I think about it.

Thankfully the season five final did answer a lot of the questions I had and managed to give me closure on most of the plot lines. The writers did a nice job of introducing a new pack master for the wolves, giving Eric the ability to seek revenge on Russell Edgington, letting Emma be rescued, discovering the truth about Lilith, the vampire god, and finally figuring out the true existence of the fairies.

[Spoiler Alert]

The biggest event that occurred in the finale revolves around Bill Compton. The entire season Bill had been acting quite odd but last night we all realized why. After killing Salome with silver-laced blood, Bill drank Lilith's real blood and bursts into, what seems like, a true death. Instead of actually perishing though, Bill suddenly rose out of the pool of blood and became the new embodiment of Lilith, and the new villian in True Blood. The shocking plot twist confirmed the Lilith is real. This will certainly shake up season six.

While the True Blood writers managed to tie many loose ends together by the season finale, there was one plot line that did not come together. Who is Warlow? He seems to be the topic throughout the entire season but this mysterious vampire has really yet to be explained. The only thing we know is that he killed Sookie and Jason's parents. Luckily for us, HBO has released a few bonus scenes that thicken Warlow's plot for the upcoming season. Check out the scenes for yourself:


What are you looking forward to the most on season six?