Heavy Meatal Heart by Armen Atoyan


The Hollywood Bowl is iconic, and when you're invited to see a legend at this legendary venue you always say yes. One word, BLONDIE!

But not only Blondie... GARBAGE! 

 & my favorite hot mess SKY FERREIRA!

Now for a funny story. When my buddies invited me to this it was on a whim, I'm sure the thought process went something like this, "He likes rock, I'm sure he likes Blondie... Garbage maybe. And whoever this Sky is." Little did they know I freaked out and said YESSS when Garbage was mentioned. In my eyes, she's cooler than Blondie, sorry not sorry.

This is where I note that Sky's name never came up. Not once! It wasn't until the day before the show when Sky posted an instagram photo of the bowl saying "See you tomorrow" that I realized she was the opener. *Cue the fan girl*

I immediately called my buddy and was like "How could you burry the lead!?"

Response: What lead? For the Bowl?

Me: Yes! I LOVE Sky Ferreira, but I've never seen her because I've heard she's such a mess and I don't want to waste money on her messy solo shows. Ahhh!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!

Fast forward to Sky's 26 minute performance, yes 26 minutes on the dot. She was the perfect hot mess I was hoping for. What a night, what a dream, what a Sky!

That's all, just wanted to share this 2007 moment with you all. Now this didn't happen in 07, that's just when I started following Sky and her amazing voice. Yes, I stand by her talent even though she's a mess.

Oh, Blondie and Garbage were amazing too.

Until next time remember, when you bleach your hair under the night sky don't forget to take out the trash. ✌🏻 

Rollin' into Another Year by Armen Atoyan


People are always so against aging, I'm not.


Because, who cares... It's only a silly number.  

As long as I don't look my age and I'm healthy, I'm chill, but in all seriousness, if you want to stay young forever, be young forever!

Last year for my birthday, I had a group of friends come together and play laser tag for hours. This year we skate! At Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale.

To quote three friends, who all said the same thing separately and unknowingly to me, "You always have very youthful birthdays. Like kid birthdays."

Me (click to see)  

Funny enough all three of them also suggested the same thing for next year, Chuckie Cheese. Guess I'm super predictable, not my fault I like to stay young, and yeah an arcade is probably in the works for next year. 😉

I know all of these comments came from genuinely good places, so don't read into them in any other way. I was so grateful for everyone who came out, sorry I was an hour late, but thanks for putting up with me ha-ha. Some beautiful souls even brought gifts, which I was not expecting, I loved them so much.

All in all, I haven't roller skated since being a little 90's kid, so this was a blast and I highly recommend this activity for anyone looking to mix it up. If you're in the LA area this is also a really cool place to skate, it's clean, has great music, and has been seen in more then a few films and TV shows.

Skate on disco divas, skate on.


Age is only a number... ✌🏻

Into the Woods ... for a Wedding by Armen Atoyan

fairy wedding

I took a trip up to northern California for a wedding in the woods and it was such an amazing experience. Justin & Stephanie finally get married... Two people who met online and it totally worked out. It was an experience I'll never forget, for a few reasons. 

Firstly, I remember first meeting Stephanie while at Buzznet with her then ombré green hair and almost instantly hit it off, creating a DIY show and becoming friends only to fast forward to her meeting Justin. He was so cool and the two of them reminded me of how two people can sometimes just "work" so perfectly. 

Secondly, I'll never forget this trip because it was spent with so many amazing friends. Roadtripping it up with Kelly (pink hair), Dre (green hair), Raquel (red/orange hair) and the cutest pink male pomeranian ever, Toshi. 

I've been on road trips before, but this one was long... But worth it.

Once we got there we met up with more cool friends, yes all with colorful hair, and watched movies, hung out, and of course caught up on life. All fun and games until day two.

Cue allergies

Sitting with Dre and her grandma, just chilling, eating lunch, it strikes. My eyes water, turn red, and my nose runs like its track and field at the Summer Olympics. What's happening? Am I dying? No, I'm fine, everything is fine... Luckily I got hooked up with some great meds, but a new running joke was found. Armen is allergic to nature. My body literally rejected it and I quote, "Honey we gotta get you back to the city." #WorthIt

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift by Armen Atoyan

Mother's Day is this Sunday. Ah! How did that happen so fast?

If you’re like me you haven’t gotten any gift(s) for mom yet, because life is just like soooo busy…

But don’t worry it’s not too late.

When it comes to the perfect gift, let’s be real, what mom really wants is a nice “me time” kind of day. So why not bring the spa to her.

The Glossier Mask Duo is a great set for Mother's Day. The set comes with both the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack and Moisturizing Moon Mask, I use both of them all the time, and mom will too. Paired with some flowers and breakfast in bed, she’s sure to relax and unwind. As an added bonus, you could even go see a movie with the family and let mom be home alone to really enjoy peace and quiet for a few hours. Trust me, these masks are so relaxing and leave your skin feeling so fresh.


Don’t live with mom? No problem! Glossier also work great as a deliverable Mother's Day gift and comes in perfectly pastel pink packaging.

PS : Shop my favorite products HERE, plus get 20% off your first order and free shipping on any order over $30.

Hope you and mom have a great Mother's Day. 
- Armen